"Snow Poem", mi poema a la nieve, lo hice mientras vivía en Estados Unidos. Salio publicado en el diario del lugar a donde iba a aprender ingles, Literacy Volunteers of America Greater New Haven. Año 2003

2003 ... 2023....  20 años !!!!! 

Snow Poem

by Patricia Sosa Arroyo

If you live in New Haven, you don’t know
maybe you live in a crystal ball with snow

The white flake, like curious firefly,
blowing around the windows
and bringing a secret smile.

Like a white and magic shadow,
the snow slowly covers the city
drawing every building, every tree
and every flower that you can see

Street become clouds createing
infinite mirrors and roads

If you walk in the snow,
you image another peacefull world inside
this profound and deep white
Soft and smooth it melts like a dream with the sun


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